Student Sculpture around Lander Campus


Student Sculpture around Lander Campus

By Michael LaPalme

In recent years, Lander University’s campus has undergone many changes to enhance the overall experience at the university. The art department at Lander has been creating sculptures for the purpose of putting them up around campus.

These pieces of art can be found all around the campus. These areas include in front of the New Residence Hall, the commons area, beside the art annex, and in several other places around campus.

There are around 15 to 20 and there are plans to install more every semester. At the beginning of every semester, students develop ideas for sculptures. These ideas are taken collectively and the best ones are chosen to be made specifically for the campus.

According to Lander Art Professor Douglas McAbee,  these sculptures really contribute to the positive experience at Lander. McAbee described how they provide something more for students, faculty, and visitors to look at while walking around campus.

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