Profile: Jeff Constant, director of international programs

Jeff Constant

Profile: Jeff Constant, the director of international programs

By SuYeon Lia Kim (an international student)

Jeff Constant has worked 24 years at Lander and five years in the international department. He discussed working for international students in Lander. The office of international programs is located on the 2nd floor of Jackson Library. There are currently about 120 international students at Lander who have come from 25 different countries, including: Korea, China, Japan, France, Canada, Australia, India, Denmark, etc.

a1Constant said the good point of working with international students is when students seem to value the opportunity to study abroad and feel appreciated about that. However, the challenging part of working with international students is the culture.

All of them grew up in different countries so there are many cultural differences. For example, shower curtains, shoes in the house, using dishwasher are the things that many international students feel awkward about. Constant has to help these students adjust to culture here, so he said that is the hard part.

There is advice from Mr. Jeff to international students: “Don’t be afraid to ask something”. He said many students might be afraid to ask something. However, there are many people, who want to provide help around them – so just ask.

Constant said the most worthwhile moment for him working as a director of international programs is when he watches the graduation of international students.

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