Classes, Social life, and Work: How do you do it?


Classes, Social life, and Work: How do you do it?

By Caroline Cawthon


Ashley Nichole is a Sophomore at Lander University, who is double majoring in Music and History. Nichole said that one of her favorite aspects of attending Lander University would be the relationships she has with her professors. “I just feel like overall we have a great teaching staff, and they’re all helpful,” She says.

Furthermore, the teachers at Lander show appreciation towards their students and due to this, she found it easier to ask questions or reach out to her professors if need be. Nichole added that the smaller class sizes is also a plus that makes Lander University a comfortable institution to attend.

Nichole explained that she also works while balancing her two considerably heavy majors. “It’s not that bad,” she says. “I have to plan my day in advance, so I use my planner, calendar, and weekly schedule of my classes. I mark down my hours I have to work.” She explained, “Overall, it’s easy to manage if you plan out your time well which really is about using your time wisely.”

She also reminded others that there is such a thing such as a feasible amount of hours to work. She says, if possible, to successfully attend classes and work to not take more than six or seven hours of work. Since classes usually also require much time outside to do well. She urges that if people do need to take eight hour shifts, then make sure to have enough time to study as well. She says, “Finding time to study during your break, or before you go to work.” Essentially, she says that time management and scheduling are the key to being able to juggle both and to be excellent in either.

As a student who also works, Nichole says that Lander has helped made the balancing of college and work easier for her. She says that her teachers are understanding and do what they could to aid their students to be successful.

Nichole advises anyone who wishes to do as she does, to follow a simple rule. “Have your priorities at task. There’s a way to still do school, to still have class and have fun. Just make sure you get the hard part done first before you sit back and have fun. Because it’s easy to get distracted.”

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