Performance Art: Students bang sculpture


Lander students pause to make music between classes. Sculpture by Lander’s Molly Ott.

Molly Ott: The public will visually interpret this sculpture as a representation of sonic data but as they look closer they will notice the musical capabilities of the material that the sound waves are constructed with. Painted scrap metal builds each element of the waves and emits different tones. This material will be familiar to the viewer (pipes, wheel rims, etc.) but hopefully by seeing the objects used outside of their original purpose this will be a platform for them to begin a new perspective for creativity. A wooden mallet is connected to the sculpture by fishing wire so that by striking different parts of the form a person can express an original, impromptu moment of musicality. The presence of the mallet will serve as a hint as to what the sculpture could be used for but the success of this art work will depend on the bravery of the public.

Sculpture by Lander’s Molly Ott from Greenwood Media Marketing on Vimeo.

Molly Ott: I want to broaden people’s interaction with art by encouraging the idea that their influence is what achieves a sculpture’s full potential. Sound waves of various types of laughter are the basis of the sculpture’s form because it is a sound that is unique with each person. The sound waves are arranged vertically and its base is secured to the ground of its location. There are seven sound waves to symbolize the seven educational buildings of the Lander campus. The “Sounds of Laughter” is located in Lander University’s plaza and appropriately so because laughter is a sound encouraged in this environment.

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