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By:Becca Watford

In January 1985 Ronald Reagan sent out a notice making January National Blood Donor Month. He states

“For a child with cancer, a youthful accident victim, an older citizen whose kidneys have stopped functioning or who just undergo a major operation—for millions of Americans each and every year—life depends on the generosity of others. It depends on blood donors who willingly and selflessly provide their own blood so that others may live and thrive.”

Lander University’s student newspaper, The Forum, put a notice in their January 10, 1985 edition (pictured above) in order to encourage the students to donate blood. This is still a long-standing need in America, especially in times of emergency. As Reagan said “I hope people everywhere will join me in saying a heartfelt thanks to our fellow countrymen and women who give their blood for the sake of others.”

I thank you blood donors!

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