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Oomf's pilot program comes to Lander


It was just before the long-awaited Fall break that Lander students noticed something new on campus: the Oomf.

phonechargerTaking over Lander University as part of its pilot program, Oomf smart charging devices are available to rent to students and faculty alike whose devices may be in need of a charge. Running low on phone battery and don’t have the time to run back to your dorm all the way across campus? The Oomf offers the perfect solution.

On top of being located conveniently in many locations all across campus, use of these portable chargers is absolutely free as long as the charger you have taken is returned to its base station within 24 hours of being checked out.

Reading this now and noticing your battery’s dropped down below the dreaded 20%, well, trying it out is simple and can be done in three easy steps once you’ve set up an account:

  1. Activate the charger within 5 feet of the station.
  2. Charge anywhere you want: in your backpack during class, in your car on the way to a lunch date, or while relaxing in a hammock.
  3. Return the charger when you are finished.

To set up an account you’ll need to visit on your smart phone. Your Lander email or Facebook account will be the credentials for your Oomf account. Debit or credit card information will only be used as collateral in case the charger is not returned. Again, as long as you return the charger within 24 hours, its usage is free. From there forth you will be charged $5.00/day until you’ve returned the charger or reach $75.00.

The Oomf can be found on campus at the following locations:

  • ITS Help Desk in the Computer Commons
  • Jackson Library Circulation Desk
  • Cultural Center Lobby near Student Activities
  • Lobby of Learning Center near Admissions Office

Lander is one of several colleges across the country chosen to participate in Oomf’s pilot program, putting our university at the head of future technologies.

“I like that you can carry it around with you, that it’s 24 hours so you don’t have to return it straight away. It’s easy.”

– says Lander soccer player Santos Pagan who’s constantly running around campus. One of many students who might not have time to sit near an outlet to let their phone charge.


Being as this is a pilot program, Oomf is looking for feedback from Lander University on its usage. If you’d like to get involved, or have any further questions about Oomf, email

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