LU Forum Featured Site on SC Information Highway


    SCIWAY is featuring the LU Forum as its featured site of the day for the entire weekend.

    “This honor is a recognition for the LU Forum staff’s hard work,” said LU Forum advisor Dr. Robert Stevenson. The LU Forum is Lander University’s student news and features website, which includes news, features, sports, entertainment, opinions, calendars, weather, contests, photo galleries, videos and more.

    SCIWAY, pronounced “sky-way,” is an acronym for the South Carolina Information Highway. It’s also the name of this website, which is the largest and most comprehensive directory of South Carolina information on the Internet.

    Most of the 4,000,000 people who visit SCIWAY each year either live in South Carolina or want to move here or vacation here.

    SCIWAY includes over 50,000 links to other South Carolina websites as well as an amazing collection of maps, charts, articles, and other resources we’ve developed. It is organized by subject areas – such as education, history, jobs, real estate, and tourism – and has three main goals:

    1. To help South Carolinians and people throughout the world find information about South Carolina quickly and easily.
    2. To give people a space to create a thriving repository of SC culture and information.
    3. To celebrate the Palmetto State’s unparalleled people and places.

    The LU Forum ( is updated often with Lander-oriented news and views. The staff is comprised of students from a variety of majors. And any member of the Lander University committee is encouraged to contribute. For more information email: or

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