What Does The Honors College Offer Students?


By: Mariah Culbreath

The Honors College at Lander University is offering students a chance to further improve their marketability and future career decisions. It is also considered as a form of recognition and an enrichment program to broaden students education. Incoming freshman, transfer students, and continuing Lander students are eligible to apply. Freshman applicants must score a 24 or higher on the ACT, including a high GPA and AP classes. While transferred students and continuing students need at least a 3.5 GPA and other documentation of success.

The Honors courses are small, personal, and engaging, which allows the students to get better acquainted with classmates and professors. The topics are considered much different from regular course topics, but they focus more on discussions, projects, reading, and writing.

Dr. Lilian Craton, Lander professor, explained that the focus of the Honors College is less on lectures and test, but more about exploration. Aside from engaging course topics, students are granted special opportunities such as field trips to either NYC or Chicago, social events, internships, and much more. The University funded trips are apart of HONS 201, which focuses on traveling skills and cultural adaptability.

“The trips help students realize that places outside of South Carolina are really interesting and cool, and real fun to travel too” stated Dr. Craton. It’s also not required to study abroad, only encouraged. So if you are a incoming freshman, transferring student or even a continuing student interested in applying, the application is available at www.lander.edu/honors, and enrollments begin each fall semester with approximately 40 spots available each year. So Don’t miss out on a great opportunity.



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