The Walking Dead Latest Episode Review


The Walking Dead TV Show Review

By: Ashley Brazzel

*Spoiler Alert*

The Walking Dead is a zombie apocalypse show where there are survivors who try to find a safe haven to live. The season 7 premiere appeared on 10/23/16, fans of the show heard there would be a main character that would be killed off since season 6 ended in a major cliff hanger. The name of the episode “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” was an emotionally shocking episode. Every pace was a jaw dropper and for those who haven’t seen the episode do not continue to read.

In every scene I was literally screaming at my tv. First thinking Rick will have his hand chopped off to Carl being used to break Rick and just when you start to like characters it seems they are always killed off. I personally wasn’t too shocked when they killed off Abraham, but Glen?! In the many cliff hangers when Glen appeared to have been killed, yet to have survived you would think he would have lived. And if you watched the Talking Dead afterwards you saw the emotional journey through both Glen and Abraham’s story throughout the show.

What do you guys think of the deaths and how it will be now for Maggie? Just finding out she is pregnant and now losing her husband?

Leave in the comments what you thought of last night’s episode.

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