New Businesses Are Coming To Greenwood!


    By: Mariah Culbreath

    Greenwood is growing once again, and these new upcoming businesses are sure to pave the way for even more businesses looking to come to Greenwood. According to City Manager Charlie Barrienau, “Greenwood is a regional destination, and many of the local businesses that have settled here recently are national brands that residence are interested in seeing.” He also said, “Buildings have been purchased and local investors are currently looking to expand.” Currently there are five new businesses planning to open. According to Barrienau, Panera Bread has started their grading and citing preparations, but progress on the site is challenged by the frequent rain and season change, so a grand open date has yet to be released.

    Charlie Barrineau
    Charlie Barrineau

    Among the other new businesses, Greenwood will be growing by adding a new grocery store that provides high quality products at a low prices. Lidl is considered as a cross between Aldi’s and Wal-Mart, and they will be offering European food that isn’t currently offered in America, fresh local produce, baked goods and more. The store will be located at 425 Bypass 72 NW, adjacent to Big Lots. While Panera bread will be located across the street at 316 Bypass 72NW, adjacent to Starbucks. Also located right behind the mall, adjacent to the postal office will be a Holiday Inn Express.

    Downtown Greenwood will also be expanding, according to Charlie Barrienau, buildings that have been vacant for year/decades are being purchased one by one and some are even being renovated to become the home of relocated stores in the area. So be on the lookout, because new attractions and job opportunities are on the way.

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    1. Like to see a Target and an Olive Garden come to town. Would also love to see better stores in our mall. American Eagle, Forever 21, Aeropostale,Victoria Secret. Stores that will keep our locals shopping here and not out of town.


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