LUPD Hosted Self-Defense Class

By Lawrence Williams


LUPD has hosted their own self defense classes for a number of years, and they will continue to offer these classes this year. The first LUPD self-defense class this year will be held on Wednesday, October 12.

LUPD Captain Greg Allen, had this to say, “It was a joint effort between the police department and other departments on Lander Police Chiefcampus. A few years prior, we had a young lady here who was certified in self defense.” Allen continued, “She had worked for the housing department.” It was something that we thought would be good for our students.

The classes were pretty small to start, but as time went on they began to grow. Students even started to bring their moms in. The classes grew from just Lander students to something for the whole community. People from the community who were certified in self defense have come forward and taught a few classes.

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