CKI has arrived at Lander University, courtesy of sophomore Nico Gunn.


Circle K International (CKI) has arrived at Lander University, courtesy of sophomore Nico Gunn.

By Daniel Hudson

CKI is an organization sponsored by Kiwanis Club International, whose mission revolves around encouraging the growth of responsible citizens across the globe. They also sponsor Key Club in high schools across America, and that is where Gunn first learned about them. Now he’s brought CKI to his college, where he hopes to make an impact.

“I would love to see this organization become one of the larger service organizations on campus. I want our presence to be known in the on campus community, as well as the off campus community,” Gunn says.

The goal for Lander’s new chapter of CKI is big, but Gunn plans to grow a dedicated group to making it happen. “It will take some time while we build our numbers, but we will work hard at becoming at achieving our goals. For the first year or two, we will focus on our campus while helping other organizations and starting our own projects. By the third year, I’m hoping we can expand to the surrounding community and begin to impact Greenwood.”

Gunn also hopes to attract people with the unique opportunity CKI provides. “ think people should get involved with CKI because it offers many leadership opportunities from a committee head in your club to the international executive board. CKI also offers global networking and international experiences, especially at our annual International Convention.”

Right now, the meetings for CKI are open to all Lander students who would like to drop by, and they can also contact Nico Gunn for more information.



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