Deepwater Horizon Movie Review Based on True Events


Deepwater Horizon

By: Ashley Brazzel

Deepwater Horizon is based on a true story that happened on April 20, 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico. The Deepwater Horizon was an oil rig which on that day the rig went through mandatory pressure testing once finished the crew started drilling at the Macondo Prospect (an oil and gas region in the Mississippi Canyon which contains the hydrocarbons). The drilling led to an uncontrollable blowout leading to an explosion on the rig. The explosion killed 11 crewmen and sank the Deepwater Horizon after two days of the inextinguishable fire. The oil was still draining into the Gulf of Mexico after 87 days until it was stopped causing the largest accidental oil spill in history.

The movie portrayed the events of that tragic day and the life stories of Mike Williams (Mark Wahlberg), Jimmy Harrell (Kurt Russell), and Andrea Fleytas (Gina Rodriguez) just to name a few. Watching the movie is more like a glance of what was the possibilities of that day. I remember hearing of the oil rig explosion especially the amounts that were drained into the Gulf, but hearing and seeing (even with CGI) is an unbelievable thing to watch. The movie itself was gripping to watch and emotional with every action made.

I loved how the credits especially memorized each individual that were lost because of this tragedy; I personally have never seen a movie do something like the way the movie makers did other than the in memory of…I would recommend seeing this movie, it’s not only just a normal movie, it’s a part of our history.

Opened in theaters September 29, 2016.

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  1. Really wanted to see this movie because Dylan O’Brien is in it and he’s one of my favorite actors but I’ve heard so many positive comments about this movie and the way it portrays the event itself. Looking forward to finally watching it and getting the visual to the story that caused a out roar a few years ago.


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