Reconstruction of UPC


Reconstruction of UPC

By Victoria Brooks

University Program Council (UPC) is a group of students that arranges a variety of activities and events which are free for students.  The events which UPC focuses on are primarily cultural, educational and entertaining for the Lander community. Some of these programs include: Movie Nights, Welcome Week activities, and Comedy Nights.

Membership is open to any student who is in good standing with the university, shows interest, completes the interview process and is willing to support the mission of providing quality programs on campus. Currently UPC is undergoing a reconstruction phase meaning there will some changes taking place within the organization.

img_5704Director of Student Activities and Engagements Mike Rapay stated, “Some changes that I am looking to bring to UPC this year and in the years to come are adding more structure and more responsibilities for the executive committee.” He continued, “I’ve added different committees where members can have more responsibility, and feel involved.  I’m looking to enhance the growth by allowing them to take ownership in what they do.”

Rapay explained that the UPC organization has specific goals they want to achieve, including getting feedback from students on what they like and what they want on campus, providing a good time for students outside of the classroom, and also preparing upcoming members to become part of the executive committee

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