Men’s Soccer: Bearcats back on top

men's soccer

Men’s Soccer: Bearcats back on top

By Jamie Lunn

It might not have been the ideal start for the bearcats before conference play but things have most definitely turned a corner. The men’s soccer team have turned round a 1-3-0 record to a now more commanding 5-3-0 record. It began with the commanding 3-1 victory over Clayton state before they eyed up another victim in the form of Flagler. Mike Leach came up with the goods settling the game on two goals. King from Tennessee decided to try their luck down at Van Taylor stadium but once again found themselves out of luck as this was a team high on confidence and playing like a winning side.

“The boys have bought in to what we want and its paying off. There is no better feeling than seeing the hard work finally paying off,” Said Rob Seaton.

It was clear from even the short interview there was a new feeling around the team, a new lease of life. This run of three games left the bearcats top of the conference and with a record of 4-3-0. There was another team in the way of this team though, on the 29th of September the team headed three hours north east to Florence to meet a strong Francis Marion. Would this be a problem? Of course not, thanks to Felstead, North and a double from Sam Lofts they sored to victory 4-2.

After the Francis Marion game I was able to have a few words with the scorer of two goals Sam Lofts. I had asked him how far this team could go, he replied;

“This team can go as far as it wants. We have the players and the ability, but we need to just take one game at a time.”

As the celebrations continued all the way back to Greenwood, bearcat fans can anticipate a return to the Van Taylor stadium on 5th September where the soccer team hosts North Georgia. Come out and support this team to another victory and one game closer to becoming conference champions.

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