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Psychology Club

By Ivanka Mocic

Psychology club is an educational, departmental, social, and professional organization for anyone interested in psychology. The purpose of it is to spread psychological awareness about psychological issues and the profession of psychology itself through its members out into the community. Members of psychology club also follow the APA (American Psychology Association) guidelines. Anyone on campus can join the psychology club, so it is not specific to only psychology majors even though that is the majority of people who join the organization. However, individuals on the executive board have to be psychology majors. Specifically, volunteering and fundraising out into the community is special to their organization. With that being said, the psychology club has spread awareness about psychological issues such as suicide, depression, racism and its effects on people, domestic violence, and sexual assault. They are advocates for agencies in the community such as Beyond Abuse. They also hope to become advocates for other agencies here in Greenwood such as MEG’s House and Corner Stone.

Ari West who is a board member and president says: “I hope to see advocacy for these agencies increase throughout the semester and year from our organization. It is my job to make sure that the other board members are fulfilling the purpose of the psychology club”. The other board members consist of the vice president (Meshelle Wright), the secretary (Dallas Thompson), and the treasurer (Christina Franklin). In order to get these motions rolling throughout the year members have biweekly meetings every other Wednesday at 1:30 in LC 373. “As the president, I think our members enjoy participating in the psychology club because we always have a great turnout at our meetings. It is very beneficial to Greenwood’s community and I believe that each member recognizes that” West said.

Lander psychology majors frequently satisfy internship requirements by working at the Beyond Abuse and volunteering as victim advocates.

Psych Club donates to Beyond Abuse-resize

Ari West, president the Psychology Club at Lander University, left, presents a check to Cathy Miller, executive director of Beyond Abuse in Greenwood. The check represented proceeds of a fundraiser the club conducted last semester.

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