Lander students participate in College Broadcasters Inc.


By Justin Edmunds

Once a year there is a convention for mass communication majors called the College Broadcasters Inc.(CBI).  CBI is an organization that attracts different high schools and colleges from all around the country that deal with electronic media.  One of the missions of the CBI convention is to have a place where both students and educators can come together to network and learn more about their field.  The mission of CBI is to provide both professional and educational development and facilitate advocacy.

Rustica Lynn Hann
Rustica Lynn Hann

Rustica Lynn Hann, Production Director for XLR lander University Radio, had this to say,  “One of the good things about CBI is that it reassures me that Lander is able to compete with much bigger schools from around the country and be on the same level that they are.”

Hann said “This isn’t my first trip to CBI though.  I went last year with Paul Crutcher, his wife, and Ann Scott, and it was pretty amazing.”

Courtney Cox, Assistant Productions Director for XLR lander Radio, added.  “This is my first time going to CBI, and I can’t wait.”  While Cox isn’t a Mass Communication major, she is a member of the XLR radio staff, so she gets to attend this year’s CBI convention.   “I’m most excited to about learning more radio and the production side of things.  One day when I’m older and they’re looking for part time DJ’s maybe I’ll put back on the headset” She said laughing.

“I’m most excited about learning more about radio and the production side of things,” said Cox.  “One day when I’m older and they’re looking for part-time DJ’s maybe I’ll put back on the headset.”




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  1. I love being a part of the Lander XLR! Everyone who keeps it going is awesome! I would have never imagined I’d end up where I am now but our faculty & staff at Lander kept me going!


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