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By Angelica Thomas

There are a lot of clubs that students should get involved with during their four years in college in order to enhance their experience. For the students of Lander University, Sociology club should be one of those many clubs that you get involved with during your stay at Lander. Involvement in this club will not only add a humanitarian aspect to your resume, but also allow you to create friendships that will last far beyond graduation. Soc Club creates a fun, safe, energetic, and judge free environment for students to come together and experience their education.

Alejandro Fonseca was appointed the president of sociology club for the school year of 2016-2017 here at Lander University. Whenever there are meetings, Fonseca makes it his goal to make students feel welcome. He likes to know what students would like to see Soc Club doing in, and around the Lander community. Fonseca states, “ I don’t want students to feel like Soc Club is a dictatorship, but instead a democracy”. Fonseca goes on to say that, “Soc Club is a forum for all Lander students whether they are Sociology majors or not. The whole purpose is to join and participate in an organization that is committed to giving back to the community in which we are all a part of.”

Some of the activities that Soc Club participates in include collecting teddy bears and clothing for abused children, bringing awareness to the homeless population in Greenwood, hosting the Burton Center prom, and setting up cultural events around Lander. One of these instances includes the recent FALS event where the Soc Club streamed the dedication ceremony for the National Museum of African American History and Culture live from Washington, DC. “This event cemented just how much African American culture is connected to American culture. It easily showcases how as a society, we must strive to have stronger bonds with one another, and to come together to create a peaceful future for the next generations.”

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