Sully Movie Review


By: Ashley Brazzel

The re-enactment of the emergency airline landing of an Airbus A320. The aircraft was landed on the Hudson River full of passengers by Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger played by Tom Hanks. The frightening story plays out with every unfolding event as the engines of the plane fail. Most people who have ever been a passenger has had the nightmare and/or fear of a plane crash. For the true story of Flight 1549 that Sully is based upon that fear came to life.

Though the movie shows the events playing out after the forced landing as if Sully made the right decision to land instead of attempting to make it back to the airport. As he is interrogated for his known motives and decision making on if he did more damage than good since the plane was looked over on its operating skills. Sully showed the best intentions available.

Opened in theaters September 9, 2016. A strong must see for any thrill movie lovers.

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