2016 Fall Open House


Why Lander? Lander University Admissions has the answer with Open House.
On Saturday, September 24, Open House will be underway from 9:00am until 3:00pm.

Assistant Director of Admissions, Amanda Platt, is looking forward to Open House.

“The mission of Open House is to show Lander off in the best way possible. Everything from what we offer as far as majors, activities, clubs, athletics, the types of students we have on campus and what it feels like on campus. Its like their first impression of Lander,” explains Platt.

During the event, Lander Presidential Ambassadors will lead tours based on desired major. There will be tours of the academic facilities as well as residence halls. Residence halls included on the list include: New Hall, Centennial Hall and Chipley Hall. In addition to these locations, the Jeff May Complex and Burton Center will also be open for touring.

Open House is also an opportunity to be accepted into the university as a student. Admissions applications can be processed the same day.

“We love to let students know they’ve been accepted when they come for an Open House visit. Just to see their face, there’s nothing better,” exclaimed Platt.

Amanda Platt described that there has been a higher recruiting effort for Admissions. Currently there are four South Carolina travelling counselors, recruiters for both Florida and Georgia have been hired and a heavier recruiting presence in North Carolina. This supports the effort of not only reaching out to instate students but also reaching out to students in nearby states.

Lander provides many opportunities for prospective students and their families to visit the campus. There is an upcoming Admissions Fair on October 4, which will be held on campus. There are also other Open House events. Two fall Open House events are held, two spring Open House events, plus two additional Saturday programs.

For further questions regarding Open House or Admissions, please direct all inquiries to the Lander University Admissions Office at 1-888-4LANDER.

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