Movie Review of Nerve


Nerve Movie Review
By: Ashley Brazzel
An online game, Nerve, gives players the option to be either a watcher or a player. A look on truth or dare with a turn of events as new lead player, Vee (Emma Roberts) is a shy teen trying to find where she fits in and questions herself on if she will sit back and be a watcher her entire life or fundamentally become someone who acts.

She partners up with a stranger, Ian (Dave Franco) to go on dangerous adrenaline-fueled dares which end with them earning money after each completion. Nerve is an unimaginable reality to grow and want more fast paced moments of freedom and danger. It will leave you at the edge and occasionally holding your breathe at the acts of thrill and unease as Vee and Ian complete dares to the brink of their own deaths.

A very fascinating adventure with a twist ending that leads to the most unbelievable human decisions that rethink what we imagine entertainment to be and what it would take to have the most excitement for all involved in this fantasy. An ending of high pressure that determines the future of everyone involved; every one dare that may lead to the last one with uncertain affect.

Estimated to release on dvd for October 2016. Worth the watch if you like tortured romance with the course of an action packed leading to becoming someone independent and the ultimate risk takers of the game. It is truly the who will have enough nerve to finish the game.

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