What is CORE?


By Lawrence Williams

A recent email was sent to Lander students asking for volunteers for the CO3R program. But what is CO3R is all about? Here is an in-depth answer to that question.

img_4505CO3R is a totally free program sponsored by the Church of the Resurrection through a collaboration with the Greenwood County Library. The program was designed to reach out to children in their community who struggle with learning to read, write, spell, and do math. It primarily focuses on helping children in K-5 through Grade 5.

Chris Jayne, CO3R Coordinator, said, “It got started about five years ago because I had the mission committee for my church, next door to the Greenwood County Library, develop a img_4506program that had a need.” Jayne continued to say, “We interviewed a whole bunch of agencies around and finally decided to do a mentoring program for the neighborhood children, which was the West-side.” She added, “There are not a lot of children in the West-side though. So we had good intentions but no audience.”

Jayne went on to explain about how they struggled early on. As work was being done to their church, CO3R was left with nowhere to host the mentoring sessions. This is where Prudence Taylor, Director of the Greenwood Library, comes in. Taylor and Jayne had gone on a trip together, and Jayne mentioned to Taylor the problem of not having a place to host the mentoring sessions at. Taylor would later volunteer rooms in the library for the use of the CO3R program.

The program has taken off, and now CO3R has around 50 children in the program.

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