Advice for Freshmen: Get Involved

DeMarco Williams

How can a Freshman become involved at Lander University?

Special to the LU Forum Demarco Williams

Lander University Freshman Class of 2020

As a Freshman from a small town such as Ninety-Six, which is only about 15 minutes away from campus, I didn’t know what Lander had to offer besides an education.

I was always the one who was involved in things, whether it was sports, or founding school organizations, so the first day after freshman move-in day was a huge surprise for me. I came to realize that opportunity does not comes to you, but that you must go to it.

As a freshman we can overcome the deep dark abyss by joining organizations, and getting involved on campus by going to the games, and the events that the UPC works so hard to put together.

Lander is a school that cares about its students, so that we can become a part of the community and support each other. There are  many organizations on campus that you can join.

Click here to visit the organizations that you can join.  You can be part of the Lander BCM that has a Monday Luncheon from 12 P.M. to 1 P.M. every Monday, and right now they are having a Freshman Bible Study every Tuesday at 4 P.M., and on Thursday nights they have BCM which stands for Baptist Collegiate Ministry, it starts at 8 P.M., and lasts to about 9 P.M.

Then you have the XLR Lander Radio. As a part of the XLR Lander Radio Staff, we are always happy to hear that more people want to get their own show. We will try hard to work with any student who wants his or her own show.

There are many other ways that you can get involved, such as “We need to talk that meets 7 pm on Thursdays.  Of course, these are just a few examples. Check out the entire list HERE. There is something for everyone.

I know that you’re voice is heard, and that it matters, so don’t be afraid  to speak up.

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