New FX Series On The Rise


By: Mariah Culbreath

atlanta-e1473275168694Viewers are loving the new FX series “Atlanta”, from creator/writer/star Donald Glover. This show offers a hilarious look at life, in which Glover plays Earnest “Earn” Mark, a Princeton dropout with a dream of a better future. His dream for a better life comes sooner than he thinks when he finds out his cousin Alfred, better known as “Paper Boi” records a song that becomes the hottest track in Atlanta. Earn plans to better both of their liver by becoming Alfred’s manager, but nobody said it would be a smooth ride to the top.

Many reviewers have tried to compare the show to Empire, but they are complete opposites other than them sharing both music and black culture. It’s smart and laugh-out-loud funny, the scenes are packed with real life situation in which we as viewers might go through everyday. Take, for example, an episode when Earn argued with a fast food worker about ordering a kids’ meal because he was an adult, forcing him to only get water. These are the small conflicts that give Atlanta such a rich sense of reality. The question is will you tune in to watch. Show airs Tuesday 10pm EST.

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