Lander President’s Leadership Program

Lander President's Leadership Program

Lander Presidential Leadership Program Is Molding Students Into Successful Leaders

By: Mickayla Crumley

Lander Presidential Leadership Program (LPLP) is a program created by Lander to teach freshmen leadership skills. Shelby Dominick Reed, the instructor of LPLP, stated, “LPLP was created to provide a leadership program for freshmen to further develop their leadership skills.” Reed also said that Lander is intentionally assisting freshmen in leadership training with the goal of them giving back to the university by holding leadership positions on campus.

LPLP is taught every spring semester and is offered to freshman, it is also offered to sophomores under certain circumstances. Reed, LPLP’s instructor, also noted that LPLP is, “a very hands on course” that allows students to have experience in leadership.  LPLP participants also do a capstone project that is directed at bettering Lander that enables them to demonstrate their leadership skills

Jordan Ivester, a sophomore, exercise science major, who participated in LPLP said, “LPLP taught me so much about leadership, after taking the course I am now a better leader outside of Lander and at Lander.” Ivester also stated, “LPLP enabled me to interact with leaders throughout the Greenwood community. In LPLP had a meeting with Mayor Welborn Adams and it inspired me to become a better, more involved, community member.”


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