Crossfit Lander

Crossfit Lander

CrossFit Lander

By Ivanka Mocic

CrossFit is a fitness regimen developed by Greg Glassman over several decades. It is a form of strength, core, and fitness training. Ever since the beginning, CrossFit has had a goal, a goal to create a routine that focuses on the development of some of the vital physical abilities possessed by us humans, that includes some elements of sports such as weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance sports (rowing, cycling, running). CrossFit helps by significantly improving strength, stamina and speed, and thus, it significantly influences the overall physical appearance. “CrossFit is a great type of workout routine for both, recreational and competitive athletics.

It’s completely safe if carried out with a good quality of trained coaches. It is also fun, unpredictable, and provides training amongst other teammates,” says Matthew Gilstrap, Director of Campus Recreation and Intramurals at Lander University and a CrossFit instructor.

Other significant components brought by this method of training are; character building and aiming to be constantly creating higher limits – which is you competing against yourself. It also encourages a positive rivalry amongs exercisers. The program is designed and adapted to everyone, regardless of age, gender and previous experience in training. CrossFit sessions are held throughout the semester, for students, faculty and staff in the fitness center. To be a CrossFit instructor, you need to have completed a certain education requirement to obtain license. Here at Lander, there are two CrossFit instructors available for sessions.

People who partake in CrossFit love the raw exercise and the high intensity workout that comes with it. It is not only focused on the intensity factor, it touches on the social factors as well. In a typical CrossFit training session, individuals are set into groups ranging from six to twenty people, who work together to achieve the best workout possible.


If you are interested in CrossFit and would like to attend their sessions, below is a link directing you to the CrossFit calendar as well as the website to sign up.



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