What’s up with UPC?

What’s up with UPC?
By: Ricky Black
For the people who have never heard of Lander’s UPC or don’t know what UPC stands for, here you go. UPC is short for University Programming Council.
UPC works to bring student events and activities to campus like concerts and comedians. This year, UPC has already brought a paint rave party and a comedian to campus.
Blake Duncan explained what’s it like being president, “It’s a lot of fun being president. I really enjoy getting to be a big hand in picking out events that come to campus and watching the students enjoy what we bring to campus.” He added, “It can be stressfull at times, but I have enjoyed my time a president.” Blake explained that colleges screen talent during the annual NACA convention. NACA stands for the National Association of Collegiate Activites.
When asked about getting big events on campus, Duncan responded, “Our biggest obstacle for now is getting students to the events. Once we accomplish that, then we worry about getting bigger concerts and more well known comedians.” He added,  “I want our events to be a time where students can get out of their residence halls and have fun.”
 Duncan also explained, for anyone interested in joining UPC, they will be sending out applications to join during the first week of September.
So if you’re looking in getting involved on campus, consider joining UPC. Be on the lookout and check your calendar for what big events are headed to Lander’s Campus!
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