Sykes Welcomes College Students!


By: Mariah Culbreath


img_3068Many people might say working a full-time job while attending college is too difficult, but at Sykes, they can guarantee you it’s not.

As a new employee, “You can be weak on computer skills, but strong on customer service,” stated Account Manager Kevin Goldman. If you have 2 years of customer service experience, you meet the minimum requirements.

All positions start off as a customer care representative, in which you will go through an eight week training program that will cover such programs as: U-verse, AT&T wireless, DTV, and then transitions to retention training. You will then be given three different training shifts to choose from.

After the training program is complete, your schedule will go in effect. “OMD is considered as the operation desk, they will request a printed copy of the students school schedule to then create a flexible school/work schedule” stated Kevin Goldman. Other than flexible schedules, Sykes also offer 80% tuition reimbursement to all college students who have worked with the company for over one year. So if your looking to further your experience and build your skills while being reimbursed for school,  Sykes is here to help you accomplish that.

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