A Hike into the past: Kings Mountain Military Park

kings Mountain

A Hike into the past: Kings Mountain Military Park

by Caroline Cawthon

South Carolina is filled with parks, and sights that were once witness to significant moments kings_mountainin history. Kings Mountain Military Park is one of those sights. Located on Parks Road in Blacksburg, NC, the park is only a two-hour drive from Greenwood.

Kings Mountain was the site of a table-turning battle in October 7th, 1780. It was the first major patriot victory against the British and the loyalists after the Invasion of Charleston. Thomas Jefferson once referred to the battle of Kings Mountain as “The turn of the tide ofkings mountain success.”

Attractions at Kings Mountain includes: Horse trails, picnic areas, hiking trails, sites for camping, RV, and even history farms. Students can enjoy the history and the great views experienced at this park all for free.


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