Flims on Demand

Flims on Demand
By: Daniel Hudson
One of the many offerings of the Jackson Library is Films on Demand.
Films on Demand, first introduced in 2013, is a database of approximately 23,000 films available for any Lander student.
By logging in with their L number, Lander students can gain access to this resource at nearly any time. Director of Library Services Lisa Wiecki shares her thoughts on the service and its usefulness, “The films are usually scholarly in nature, so a student will find many documentaries, instructional videos, and educational titles.”
Wiecki added, “Some professors assign specific titles for students to watch [but] students may also want to search the films database on their own to do some background research on a topic they are studying.” The Films on Demand service has the potential to make classes at Lander less lecture heavy.
Faculty can use the database to enhance lectures or to provide supplemental information to students online,” Wiecki says. With this resource, hopefully students will be able to get even more out of their education.
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