Baptist Collegiate Ministry Has So Much To Offer The Lander Community


Baptist Collegiate Ministry Has So Much To Offer The Lander Community

By Mickayla Crumley

For over 30 years Baptist Collegiate Ministry has been a part of Lander University’s campus.
Baptist Collegiate Ministry has a simple mission, BCM ministry director Scott Smith said,
“Baptist Collegiate Ministry is a Christian outreach to local college students.” Smith also said
that Baptist Collegiate Ministry offers many activities for the Greenwood college community.
During the fall and spring semester on Thursdays at 8 p.m., BCM offers a worship service
guided for college students. Also, on Mondays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. BCM offers a luncheon
Bible study. Ministry director Smith, said the luncheon Bible study is an in-depth Bible study
that helps college students start off their week good by discipleship and free lunch. BCM also
tries to reach out to the international student community around Lander’s campus. Once a month BCM hosts Fabulous Friday which can range from events such as hay rides to bowling.
Smith said, “Many international students attend the hayride each year.” Smith also mentioned that BCM is very involved with Connie Maxwell Children’s home which is located in Greenwood. One Sunday a month many college students that attend BCM volunteer at Connie Maxwell Children’s Home during their Sunday Service. Smith also said, “Baptist Collegiate Ministry has partnered with Connie Maxwell Children’s Home for 22 years and is their largest supplier of volunteers.”
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