Castelvecchi new to Lander


Michael Castelvecchi is new to the LU team!

Being the new instructor for the Kinesiology course in Lander’s Physical Education and Exercise Science department, Castelvecchi’s  background allows him to fit in directly with the department.

Castelvecchi was born and raised on the outskirts of Richmond, VA and later went to study at the University of Kentucky where he received an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and Physiology. He also received a graduate degree in Kinesiology.

Currently, Castelvecchi holds the position of director of Wellness Works here in Greenwood. Wellness Works is a community health and fitness center complete with Certified Instructors and Personal Trainers who enjoy helping individuals become healthier.

Castelvecchi stated,  “I enjoy creating an environment for people to get healthier along side knowledgeable individuals.”  

Prior to coming to Greenwood,  Castelvecchi taught general education courses at Eastern Kentucky Castelvecchi mentions, “I really like how attentive the class at Lander is.” He added, “I appreciate how much support and feedback that Dr. Barton (Chair of the Department) gives me. 

“I believe I will love it here!,” concluded Castelvecchi.

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