Highlighting the Arts! — Greenwood Community Theater — Annie Jr.

Highlighting the Arts
Tracy Luquire

Highlighting the Arts! — Greenwood Community Theater — Annie Jr.

by Drew Unrue,

After a long week of working hard you’re probably wanting to sit back, relax, and let your mind wander…

Then what better way to relax than joining the company of Greenwood Community Theater for a night of song and dance with Annie Jr.!

Opening night for Annie Jr. is September 23rd beginning at 7:30pm. For other dates and times associated with this GCT production or for others in the future, please visit www.emeraldtriangle.us/theater

In this calendar year alone, GCT has brought the surrounding Greenwood area inspiring performances including, “To Kill a Mockingbird”, “Godspell”, and “The Little Mermaid”!

Tracie Luquire is a nine year veteran of the Greenwood Community Theater having been in 30 different productions and assisted in producing 28-29 of them. She had this to say about describing her roles over the years, “After being in several productions, I got bumped up to be a Choreographer, then bumped to Music Director, then Co-Director, then a Director. For Annie Jr, I am the Director.” Theater is a passion of Tracie’s, saying, “It is very important to us to have people that care about the arts, but it’s really special to see someone audition that isn’t familiar with theater, seeing that spark of interest in new faces is very important to everyone involved here at GCT.”

MarEli Sherrill is a volunteer and mother involved with Annie Jr. Annie Jr. was the first production I got involved with at GCT five years ago actually, and here I am again doing the same musical! This time I am the Stage Manager of the production.” An integral part of Ms. Sherrill’s involvement in Annie Jr. are her two daughters, aged 13 and 16, “On a personal level, the arts have changed the way that I interact with my children, even as they’ve become teenagers. Theater is the way that we have secured a common language between us.”



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