Greenwood to vote on sales tax

Sales Tax
Greenwood to vote on sales tax
By John Ward
Greenwood, SC- Greenwood County has the option of implementing a one percent sales tax through public referendum on November 8th.
The one cent tax will affect sales in Greenwood County. The Capital Project Sales Tax Act focuses on infrastructure, economic development, quality of life, Public safety, and parks and recreation.
According to Charlie Barrineau, Greenwood City Manager, the 1% sales tax increase will bring industry to Greenwood and develop a larger workforce.
Proceeds from the proposed tax will generate economic development by producing capital investment that will allow Piedmont Technical College to build an advance manufacturing facility.
Barrineau stated that, “The money invested in infrastructure will go towards creating a new pro industry environment for Greenwood County for years to come.”
Greenwood County voters will go to the polls on the November 8th to decide the referendum.
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