Don’t Breathe Movie Review



Don’t Breathe

By: Ashley Brazzel

Three reckless thieves break and enter homes to steal goods to sell. With lead Rocky (Jane Levy) who just wanted enough money to escape her home and have a better life along with her little sister. Alex (Dylan Minnette) who only did this last job for Rocky. Lastly, Money (Daniel Zovatto) who is as greedy as they come. They soon hear of a perfect in and out job to set them for life when they break into a wealthy blind mans’ home…they’re soon mistaken. In this unbelievable thriller that will leave you scared, wide eyed, and in shock. When they think it’s over and they’ve finished the job the blind man (Stephen Lang) will hear all.  Around every turn there is a new shocking twist as they try to fight their way out of the home to save themselves from the ex-military home owner who will go lengths to protect what is his. From top to the basement fresh shockers are all over the home                as they are discovered by the trio of thieves. Absolutely nerve-racking visceral that just keeps coming. Opened in theaters August 26, 2016. Definitely an 8 out of 10 on the perfect mystery watch that keeps you on your toes the entire watch. Leaving the ending the most surprising of all.

dont breee

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