With a new school year comes new programs. #WeNeedtoTalk has followed this same trend. It is gaining a whole new crew after the founder, Allen Obi, graduated from Lander last year. Though he is remains the CEO of #WeNeedtoTalk.

Nadia Seymore, the new director and president of the Lander chapter of #WeNeedtoTalk, had this to say “We have the position of Assn. Director opening up next semester. As well as the positions of secretary, treasurer, event planner, and chief philanthropist are currently open.”

Now for the new students, you may not know what #WeNeedtoTalk is and what it’s all about. #WeNeedtoTalk is a student organization that was founded at Lander two years ago. It’s mission is to create environments where young people can share ideas and experiences in order to educate and empower one another for the betterment of society. They hold weekly meetings every Thursday to discuss different topics such as What is Love?Dark Skin v. Light Skin, Is Homosexuality a Choice?, and Are Christians Hypocrites?. IMG_3823-e1442340065864-panorama

So if this sound like something you’re interested in becoming a part of, or if you want to gain leadership experience on campus, #WeNeedtoTalk is holding an interesting meeting on Tuesday, September 6, in the room 231 at the library. If you just want join in on the topics that are discussed, they meet every Thursday at 7 pm in the Bearcat lounge.

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