New Student Activities Director

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New Student Activities Director

What’s there to do on campus? Lander University Student Activities has the answer. This school year has the answer. This school year (2016-17), Student Activities welcomes a new director, Michael “Mike” Rapay.

Virginia Beach native, Michael Rapay boosts resume of nine similar program board positions. Rapay’s two previous positions include Auburn University’s Coordinator of Student Programs and Winthrop University’s Assistant Director of Campus Programming. “I have had the opportunity to be a part in the planning process of over 500 campus events including everything from concerts to cooking, workshops and everything in between,” explained Rapay.

Lander University fulfills his desire to lead an office at a smaller school.

“When I got here on campus, I fell in love with staff, students and opportunities,” exclaimed Rapay.

He also credits LU Student Activities for putting on amazing student programs in the past. This year, under Rapay’s leadership, Student Activities will be taking a new direction. There will be more emphasis on student leader development and fostering an environment where organization participants can be marketable to jobs and graduate schools. “We also want to be more creative and think outside the box when it comes to programming in all facets and do things that educate students as well as having a good time on campus,” Rapay expressed.

“In everything I do, I think of the students first and what is best for them,” said Rapay.

Along with this methodology, he believes a staff of like minded professionals are conducive to achieving his mission. Open to students, the University Program Council (UPC) seeks those interested in getting involved. “ There definitely is no “one type” of student that we will be looking for. Every great team and organization is filled with a diverse range of people and that is what we will be looking for too,” explained Rapay. He describes Student Activities as a learning laboratory for students where they can try new things and grow in order to become the best they can be. UPC can be joined by students of any classification.

For further questions about the Student Activities schedule or UPC, please direct your questions to Student Activities at 864-388-8244.

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