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XLR Radio

XLR Lander University Radio

Do you believe that your voice should he heard by a large audience? Do you think of yourself as a people person? If so then maybe joining XLR- Lander University Radio is the right place for you. XLR – Lander University Radio is the award-winning student-run radio station of Lander University in Greenwood, SC,.  XLR helps educate students on working in a potential career field. They specialize in breaking ground in musical programming, and provides cutting-edge cultural coverage through specialty shows 24/7/365.

Students are given the opportunity to reach their peers through radio. There is no requirement for aspiring students, all you need is a name for your show, background information about what your show will constitute and the genre of music you will be playing. One of Landers graduates exceled in this field and now works as a radio personality as Barbie T on Hot 98.1.

“Working in radio really helps you learn how to engage with various audiences. Not everyone enjoys the same type of music but it’s up to you to bring that audience in and satisfy them through your show”. -Devantae Jones ,The Booth( XLR radio).

XLR has been on the air since 2009, providing broadcasting outlets to students from all majors. The station studios are located on the lower level of the Carnell Learning Center and feature a massive musical library and industry standard broadcasting equipment. XLR alumni can be heard in every major market in the United States and on Sirius/XM Radio. The station can also be heard online on XLR1.org.

For more information feel free to contact contact: Paul Crutcher, pcrutcher@lander.edu, 864-388-8206


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