Lander takes in a Braves Game


Lander takes in a Braves Game

Baek Sae Huin

Lander University planned a trip to Atlanta for a baseball game on August 25th. For Lander to make it to the game on time, the bus had to depart from the school at 1:30pm. This game was held in SunTrust Park where the Atlanta Braves faced off against the Colorado Rockies. Many students participated in this event, including some exchange student, who have never really experienced watching a baseball game before.

One exchange student, Kim Jinmin, stated that the reason she went on the Atlanta trip wasmmm because she wanted to see the baseball stadium where the game would be played. Later, she described her experience at the game, “It was very big and the atmosphere in the stadium was cool and lively; especially the firework show they had at night, it was very impressive”.

Another exchange student, Kim Yujeong, said that the trip to get to the event was too long. She stated, “Some of the roads were closed due to construction, so a lot of detours had to be made in order to reach Atlanta.” Nevertheless, she did enjoy her time there and wants to attend more events because she said it was a good trip.She added, “As long as no more detours are being made.”

Therefore, Lander University provided a good opportunity for students who needed a break. Lander also gave many exchange students the chance to ease out of their comfort zone and to see a small part of the U.S. Many other students hope that Lander makes more events so more of the world can be discovered.

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  1. I agree with this article! I went Suntrust Park too. When I saw the big stadium, I really surprised and felt amazing. Compared to the baseball ground in Korea, it is so huge. I can enjoy it so much because my favorite sport is baseball. Our team hit homerun 3 times and whenever they did, we took a same gesture like a gun firing. It was fresh and funny. The firework after that play was a great spectacle. I have never experienced that grand scale. The journey to go there is much long and difficult, but the landscape which I saw in the bus was really beautiful. Therefore I can feel pleasure even in that time. I hope there is more opportunity for exchange student to experience American culture.

  2. I also went to the trip to Atlanta for a baseball game that day! Even though it took a long time to go there but I was so impressed about the firework and baseball game. The stadium was very magnificent and lively and the stadium’s food also delicious. I recall that day by reading that article.

  3. I went to Atlanta to watch a baseball game too. It was a wonderful day, although to come and go to Atlanta was a hard time.
    Actually, I have never watched the baseball game in live. Te stadium was so huge that I came near getting lost.
    The game was fun and snacks were delicious.
    I can’t forget the memories in there.