Counseling Services


Are you under immense stress due to finals? Is your anxiety through the roof? If so the Student Wellness Center is the place to be!

The Student Wellness Center offers counseling services that can help alleviate some of the pressures of final week. The wellness center is located right next to LUPD, and is open Mon.- Fri. from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Counseling Services aides in keeping students in a peacefully state, while helping them be successful personally and academically. However, two of the most common issues that students come in about are stress, and depression. Don’t suffer in silence. There are three counselors on call and they are here to talk and LISTEN. Your mental health is their first priority, and all services are confidential.
Walk-ins are accepted in the case of an emergency, but if you would like to schedule a meeting with one of the counselors on call, information will be provided below:

Wellness Center: 864-388-8885

Don’t let finals get you down. Stop stressing and start talking!

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